I got set up — with a stroller.

You see advertisements for dating websites every where. The idea that you input a handful of facts about yourself and you are shown a list of people that best compliment you.

Well, I’m married. I no longer need to find my compatible love match. I do, however, constantly find myself searching for my compatible consumer match. This is where Lela.com comes in. Lela.com has shown me a new way to find the perfect products for my family and myself.

I’m incredibly picky about baby gear. I am willing to spend a little more to get a better product, if I need to. I also have a fairly modern style, with a love of all things new and high tech. Finding the “perfect baby gear” has been an adventure. I’ve gone through many strollers because they simply didn’t fit my criteria in the end.

Lela.com linked to my Facebook profile, looking at my likes. It also asked me a handful of questions, then Lela.com became my baby gear match maker. I was impressed almost instantly. I clicked on strollers. I have an addiction to strollers. What did I find? Not only had Lela.com matched me with a stroller I lust after, but it also matched me with a stroller I currently own.

Okay, so it works for strollers. What about car seats? The world of car seats is insane. There are a million and one car seats. Some hideously old fashioned and some are far more advanced than I’d even know what to do with. Like strollers, having three kids has given me the opportunity to know what works for me. Again, matched me with a few car seats I currently own, one I lust for, and the ones I don’t care to own are far down the list.

Better than just showing you your ideal match, Lela.com also shows you where you can buy the product and which retailer has the best price, as well as link you directly to those retailers.

This is very promising. I can see it being especially helpful for new parents who are looking for a certain style, but unsure of brands and where to shop.

To put Lela.com to the ultimate test, I unleashed my husband on it. You see, Lela.com doesn’t just match you with baby gear, but also with tech products and home goods. It matched me with a gorgeous LG television, but outside of being pretty, I don’t know if that television is a good match for me. This is where my IT professional, tech-loving, geek of a husband really helped. I made him also sign up. What were his matches like? Well, he was appropriately matched with an enormous Samsung television and iPhones. He was also matched with a Blackberry which made him scoff, but overall, he was impressed by the design and matching ability.

Blackberry aside, Lela.com is a very helpful site for shopping. Especially when shopping for product categories you aren’t too familiar with. Now, I need to convince my husband that since Lela.com matched me with a Stokke Tripp Trapp and an Orbit G2, these items should be purchased immediately. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try the same with the Samsung television. 🙂

I have one request of you readers. Click this link to Lela.com, sign up, answer the questions and let me know: What are your favorite matches? Did Lela.com successfully find products you were happy with?

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