A rose by any other name… would be called Petunia

When I had my first baby, I had no idea about baby products. None of my friends had kids. I had to figure out what was wonderful and what was a disastrous waste of money all on my own. The internet was there and there was some reviews on various sites, but nothing like today. It was honestly trial and error. For everything.

Touring Tote prepped for hospital

Most things I purchased back then I would never purchase again. Ever. There was one thing, however, that opened me to the world of luxury, stylish baby products and I have never turned back. (I guess after reading this, my husband is regretting ever making that purchase.. haha)

My oldest son was about a year-and-a-half old, my husband brought home this gorgeous brown and teal brocade diaper bag. It was large, had a million pockets and a built in changing pad. It held everything I needed, and a million and one things I didn’t need.. but brought along anyway. (Don’t judge me. I bet every one of you has more unnecessary things in your diaper bags than you do necessary ones! Haha.) This bag, was a Petunia Pickle Bottom “Camellia Roll” Boxy Backpack. 


Stroller Blanket – ready to leave hospital

Another Stroller blanket.

I had gone through several cheap, ugly diaper bags. Never happy. Never satisfied. And then.. THIS. Oh. It was gorgeous. Practical. I would never settle for mediocrity again. I used that one bag for years. Roughly 6 months into my second baby, I bought a second Petunia bag. Another Boxy Backpack, this time a glazed (aka: wipe-able!) one, in a beautiful teal color. Tranquil in Tibet, was it’s name. I went between the two bags on a constant basis. Each had a purpose. If I was going somewhere nice, I used the Brocade. If I was going somewhere that I thought the bag may get dirty (the zoo? the beach?) I used the Glazed.

Comfy and soft receiving blanket.

When I was pregnant with my 3rd baby I was opened to the world of new Petunia Pickle Bottom products. Clothes, blankets, stroller bunting bags, Ergo Carriers, Nursing covers, wallets, travel bags, iPhone cases.. and of course more diaper bags.(Yes, I own one of each of those items!) I got smart and learned that I could still be thrifty with some of my Petunia purchases, too. Every so often they do an online outlet sale. (Go register! They’ll email before the next sale!) This helped me convince my husband to buy not one, but TWO more diaper bags. A small, purse sized bag (The Oasis Roll Touring Tote) and yet another Boxy Backpack. The Moroccan Mint. I love my collection of bags. With three kids, one in cloth diapers, I do get much more use out of my Boxy Backpacks (though, I have yet to convince myself that I need the larger, Abundance Boxy.. but you never know!) so my Touring Tote has found another home.. but don’t get me wrong. I loved that thing.

Train Case makes great toy tote!

Snuggle Set.

Petunia Pickle Bottom is one of my go-to brands for baby shower gifts, and I can honestly say that I will never buy another brand diaper bag again. Ever. I will continue to expand my collection of Petunia until I no longer need to carry anything with me. They make the perfect laptop/tablet/carry-on bags!! The quality of the Petunia bags is outstanding. The quality of all of their products is outstanding. My baby spent many days laying on the soft and fluffy recieving blanket I bought him and once the weather gets cold again, he will spend many nights snuggled up with it again. He was swaddled to sleep in his Petunia Swaddle until he wouldn’t allow me to swaddle him any longer. Should I have any more babies, they will also get Petunia swaddles and receiving blankets.

PPB Ergo. Love!

You should go look at the Petunia Pickle Bottom site and tell me: What would be the ultimate Petunia Pickle Bottom product of your dreams?

Note: These products were not provided to me. We bought them, we love them, our children love them, so I am showing them to you in the hope that you will love them too.

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