A new season.. a new look


It’s Spring! As we all know, Spring brings many changes. The trees go from dreary sticks to bright and flowering branches. Children go from winter coats to light jackets (at least here.. but no season in Oregon is ever without some sort of jacket. Haha) We also take the time to purge the old and welcome a cleaner, brighter start. Well, my friends, that is exactly what we have done here at The Diaper Bag Confessions. We’ve cleaned up. We’ve brightened. We’ve changed.

Recently we decided to take the blog to a new platform in hopes to give us a little more freedom, a little more flexibility, and a little more function. What better time to do it than the Spring? We hope you enjoy the changes we’ve made and we can’t wait to bring you more of the latest and greatest children’s products we love.

In what ways have you embraced the change of season?

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