It’s quite charming, actually..

I love personalized items. The sentimental value that something has far outweighs any sort of monetary value. When I gave birth, 7 years ago, my husband bought me an iPod. It was a first generation iPod Nano. I will never get rid of it. Why? Because he engraved the back.. “Just breathe” and then programmed into it my hospital birthing play list. (Yeah, I know.. I’ve got a good husband!)

When it comes to my children, personalized things mean that much more. I’ve always wanted a way to proudly “display” myself as a mom, even when I’m out and about without my children. Those birth stone rings are cute.. but I never really understood what one would do if they ever had any more kids? Buy a new ring? Silly. Pandora Bracelets (and any of the identical looking bracelets..) are just not my style. Big baubles on my wrist. Add to that the fact that I’m a germaphobe and change diapers all day long means I wash my hands more than most.. a bracelet is really not practical for me.

Recently, I heard a lot of people talking about this company.. Origami Owl. Sounded like a paper company to me, so I didn’t really look too much into it until my friend became a “designer” for the company. “Designers” are what they call their sales people. They help you craft your “story” into a locket. A locket that you can change, easily. You can add things, subtract things.. make it yours. Tell your story, even if it changes from day to day.

With Origami Owl, you choose a chain from a variety of different colored metals, lengths, thicknesses. You also choose the locket. You can choose a medium locket or a large locket in different colored metals, some adorned with crystals. After you’ve selected those two things.. you piece together your own story from a wide selection of stamped metal plates, charms, birth stones, and even dangles to hang on the outside of your locket. It’s all quite genius. It’s also the perfect gift to get for a mom, a sister, a grandmother.. yourself. A story about the person who wears it.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I am going to give one of you the privilege of winning the start of your Origami Owl story. We have put together a nice starting point for anyone. (Well, anyone who loves their family?? Haha) We are giving away an 18″ silver chain, a medium silver locket with crystals and a medium hand stamped rose gold plate that says “Family” on it.  From there, it’s up to you to create your story. Origami Owl Giveaway

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