Little legs.. Crazy legs.. BabyLegs.

IMG_6965I feel like I’ve written this post a million times and honestly, I probably have. Everyone asks about them. The cute and brightly colored leg warmers that I put on my kids. “They make those for boys..?” They ask. Yes, yes they do. “They are so cute! What are they?” — the question that almost always follows the first. What are they? They are BabyLegs legwarmers. They make them for both girls and boys and their selections are constantly changing. I love these adorable splashes of color.

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We have been using the “original size” BabyLegs for our boys for many years. They are very functional, especially in our Northwest climates. Even in the summer months, our temperatures can vary dramatically from the morning to the evening. Our days tend to start out cold, heat up.. and then drastically cool down. BabyLegs have helped me add and subtract a layer without much effort. They have also helped facilitate potty training.. allowing my boys to roam pants free, while still providing some coverage.

Sometime between when I had my middle son and my youngest, BabyLegs released “Newborn BabyLegs” –which I had to stock up on once I got pregnant with my youngest. He was born at the end of July and as much as he was born in a “hot” month.. he was still a newborn and still needed some added coverage. They proved to be perfect for that, covering up his tiny little legs while he relaxed in a onesie. They also worked very well paired with our favorite diapers. I look back at them now, folded up nicely in his drawer of socks, and I can’t even remember when he was so tiny. Now that he is out of them, I will sometimes slide my iPhone into one to keep it protected from scratches. It works perfectly.


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3- Feb 1Making our collection of newborn babylegs seem miniscule is our collection of the standard leg warmers. All of our children wear them. All of our children love them! Our oldest is 7, while he hates that they are called BabyLegs, he really loves to wear them. He tends to like wearing simple polo shirts in varying colors, so he often adds BabyLegs in a complimentary pattern to keep his arms warm when it’s a little colder outside. He refuses to wear them on his legs, but he doesn’t really need them on his legs anymore. He enjoys being able to pull them on and off as he feels he needs them, and they look like nothing more than a long sleeved shirt layered under a polo. They give him the opportunity to add a little personality to his daily wardrobe, too, which is critical for a little boy who loves to express himself. He also loves the holiday specific BabyLegs that come out frequently.

IMG_9548DSC_0033Our middle son loves BabyLegs regardless of what they are called. He wants to wear them on his arms and legs sometimes multiple pairs on one limb. This has prompted me to buy multiple pairs of the same pattern. As much as he would love to wear green and brown argyle with some bright blue fish, I just can’t always let him leave the house like that. He also has severe eczema which often leaves his arms looking rather wounded. He hated to go out in public because people would look at his arms and hands. He may only be 4, but he is well aware when people are staring. (Take note, people: It is not okay to stare at a child. I don’t care what you think is wrong with them!! They notice.. and you make them more self-conscious than any child should ever be!) He figured out that if he put BabyLegs over his arms, people didn’t notice his “owies” — and he was right. He no longer hated going out. While he liked that it took the attention off his arms, as his parents we loved that it took his attention off of scratching his arms. It created a bit of a buffer between him and his fragile skin.. giving it a bit more of a chance to heal. 

IMG_0339IMG_7872The youngest of the group is also a huge fan of the BabyLegs. Like I said above, he has been wearing them since he was a newborn. With him, the biggest advantage they have given us is that he has a hard time pulling them off! He has a habit of removing his socks the instant they are put on his feet. However, if I put a pair of BabyLegs over his socks.. not only can he not get the BabyLeg off.. but he also can’t manage to get the sock off! (Most of the time, that is..) He is also hypersensitive to the cold, so BabyLegs have allowed us to give him an extra layer under many of his clothes without over heating him. For this we like to use their thinner, more breathable BabyCool! BabyLegs.  His favorite pair of BabyLegs is currently his giraffe print pair (Or, to him.. his “PhiePhie” legs) — Not only does it add to his outfits and keep him a little warmer, but they keep him entertained. He loves PhiePhie, so dressing like a PhiePhie is more than thrilling to him.

You should all go check out BabyLegs! I don’t know any parent, of a boy or a girl, who uses them and hasn’t loved them for one reason or another. They make great “knee protectors” for crawlers. Provide children (and adults, even..) of any age with an extra layer of coverage from the cold or from the sun. They have many different options. From a bug repellent style to team colors. UV Protection to coordinating socks, even. You won’t be disappointed. Add a little more color to your child’s wardrobe. A little more flare.


After you go check out the BabyLegs site, come back and tell me what your favorite pair is and why!

Note: This is my honest opinion. I was not paid to write this review. We love BabyLegs and have for many years. We hope that you will love them as much as we do!

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