Sleep like a husband.. snuggle like a baby.

Sleep is not something that my household does very well. My husband is a very loud snorer.. which he kindly decided to pass on to all of our children. This means not only are they not sleeping well, but I’m not sleeping at all. We’ve tried many things.. but typically, the only thing that seemed to work is for me to frequently kick him with a kind-but-sleep-deprived reminder. “YOU’RE SNORING! ROLL OVER!” Yep. I can’t say that this really works, but it’s the best I can do. Until recently.


I’ve always been a huge fan of the Nook Sleep Systems products. They are modern, stylish, free of harsh chemicals and very practical. Washable. Water resistant. Anti-microbial (again, without harmful chemicals!) and soft. Oh my goodness are they soft. However, I’ve never managed to take the plunge to buy one. I’ve tried to convince my husband of their worth on numerous occasions. There is a local boutique here that we love and they have Nook products on display in an abundance. I figured, with the allergies plaguing our family and the lack of sleep going on.. it may be a good investment, right? My husband was less convinced than I.. so I kept trying. Then, an amazing thing happened. Nook Sleep Systems did a Facebook Fan Week giveaway — and I won. A Nook Sleep Systems pillow and a knit blanket. What happened next should not surprise anyone. The package arrived, I unpacked it and showed the husband.. and he took it. That’s right, folks. The man who was unconvinced suddenly had a change of heart. What resulted surprised even me, though.



The first night of opening the pillow, my husband gushed over it’s “squishy-ness.” He tossed it on the bed and laid down. He didn’t get back up. He melted into the pillow and slept the night away. Without snoring. Do you know what this means? It means I got to sleep, also. Without kicking him! I was completely shocked. We (well, we adults, anyway..) were well rested and quite happy about our new pillow. Yes, I won the pillow.. but in the end, the lack of snoring was the real win for me.


Following that fabulous night of sleep, I unwrapped the new blanket that they sent with the pillow. It was so soft. For a thickly woven knit blanket, it was surprisingly breathable and soft. I set it down in our playroom for our toddler. He loves blankets. He has an attachment to soft blankets, especially. I wasn’t sure how he would like this blanket considering it wasn’t the fluffy, minky-type blanket he tends to love – but he surprised me. He grabbed the blanket, gathered it into a small pile on the floor and then plopped himself down on it. He looked oddly exactly like his father the night before on the pillow.



These two instances have made me a Nook Sleep Systems believer. I now don’t just love them for their attractiveness and the idea of it.. but for the function and actual success of it. The most important part, though, is that my husband is now a believer. I have caught him looking online at their body pillow, mattresses, playmat and children’s lounge chair. I anticipate many more Nook Sleep System products in our house. You should all go look at the Nook Sleep Systems site and tell me, which of their products do you think would best suit your family!




Note: This opinion is all my own. I was not paid to write this review. My family loves these products and we want to share that love with you.

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