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As usual, my house is full of clutter. More and more things come in.. less and less things go out. This is a vicious cycle, but with 3 growing boys, a husband and a shopping addiction, that’s just how it is. (Did I just admit to having a shopping addiction? No. I admit nothing!) So, while in my closet folding clothes I started thinking about our changing table. We haven’t used it in some time and right now it is just the place that I dump the clean clothes waiting to be sorted and then the folded clothes waiting to be returned to their proper location. I’m sure there are ways I could re-purpose the changing table. Perhaps in a more useful  way than a clean laundry station. (Or, perhaps not.. perhaps just a more official clean laundry station?)

So, I took to Pinterest. The logical place to turn for those DIY project ideas that you may or may not ever actually create.. but like to think you could possibly manage to do one day. There are so many ideas for re-purposing a changing table. Someone turned it into an outdoor gardening station, another person turned it into a drink cart. (While alcohol isn’t the first thing I think of when it comes to re-purposing my baby gear.. to each their own? Haha.) I am actually quite inspired. Sure, this may end up being one of those typical Pinterest projects that I never actually get around to doing.. but anything is better than huge pieces of baby furniture with no home, taking up priceless space in my closet. (I could put a sewing table in that corner of the closet.. now that would be a much better use of space!)

How many of you re-purpose things in your home? Have any of you re-purposed your old baby gear or baby furniture?? Tell me what projects you have done. You may inspire me to take on more projects this summer. (Read: Inspire me to give my husband instructions on projects he will be doing this summer..) Also, if you use Pinterest, what are some of your favorite finds? 

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