Dreams of a Roadster..

Kaden-tireHave you ever driven down the road and seen a car that immediately caught your eye? A very expensive, very powerful car that grabbed your attention immediately as it passed you? Like a Maserati or Viper. (Or the giant truck in the picture? Ha!) Have you ever seen a car that was so out of the box that you couldn’t help but stare at it? (Like my husband when the Matte Black Mercedes parked next to us at a gas station..) That’s how I feel about a particular brand of stroller right now. It’s like a Tesla.. it’s so impressive and so desirable. There are enough of them out there that you recognize it when you see it… and yet it’s not quite attainable to most people. Of course, I am talking about Bugaboo.

Bugaboo strollers have always been a hot item on my wish list. I know, I know.. what premium stroller isn’t on my wish list? But lately, Bugaboo has given me more and more reasons to rekindle my desire. The fire was reignited when they announced the Bugaboo Donkey. A double Bugaboo? That can then switch to a single stroller with an added on storage compartment? Genius. Combine with that the sleek design over all and you’ve hit double stroller jackpot.

Then came the announcement of the Buffalo. A multi-terrain Bugaboo? One I could take to the beach or on a hike.. but would equally fit in at the mall or my favorite baby boutique? Amazing.

Of course, there was the announced  Andy Warhol collaboration. Gorgeous Bugaboo’s used as the canvas to display modern art. The moment I saw the “Flowers” design, I was hooked. Imagine that on their all black special edition frame? Gorgeous. Next.. the appropriate-for-this-post Viktor&Rolf for Bugaboo “My first car” – I didn’t think they could make me want one of their strollers any more than those did, honestly. Naturally.. they had to prove me wrong.

Bugaboo just announced another collaboration. One that, as an Oregonian, made me gasp and swoon. Bugaboo has taken their fabulous strollers and combined them with the Native styles and fabrics of Pendleton Woolen Mills. I understand that some are thinking “What?!? Wool ?Tribal? Bugaboo?” — I am in love, though. I wouldn’t have thought a designer brand could pull it off, but they did – and they are gorgeous.

I’m sure my husband is wishing that Bugaboo would stop.. or perhaps that my standards were lower. Haha. For now, he just has to deal with listening to me swoon over them.. and hope that one day he suprises me by having one arrive at my doorstep!

See.. even Nordstrom knows how much I love it.. This was in my FB feed. Haha!!

What do you think of these strollers? Which Bugaboo can you see yourself driving around the local playground?


** This is NOT a sponsored post. I just happen to be in love with all that Bugaboo has going on right now.


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