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I have never been a vitamin person. I’m pretty sure I was done being a “Flintstone Kid” before I was 8. Sure, they contain things to help us grow big and strong and stay healthy.. It just wasn’t my thing. Then I got pregnant with my first son.

If you’ve ever had a baby (which.. reading this blog I’m sure many of you have..) you know that from day one they tell you “Make sure you take a prenatal vitamin!” and if you’ve been trying to get pregnant, they probably instructed you to start prior to achieving pregnancy. My pregnancy was no different. So, off to the store I went. Hesitantly, but always willing to do the best for my baby. What I came home with was a giant vitamin pill that tasted awful and I could barely swallow. I choked them down as often as I could.. but sadly, it definitely wasn’t every day.. Most days, but not all.

The moment I was done breastfeeding my son, I stopped choking down the giant vitamin. Want to know what happened? I got sick. Colds. Flu. I hadn’t been sick throughout that entire pregnancy or infancy. I went back to the giant prenatal vitamin only to see my immune system functional again!! I never stopped taking it from that point on. Pregnant, breastfeeding or not!

Sure, I still wasn’t perfect about taking them. They still tasted gross and I never did figure out how to swallow it without gagging… But I felt better when taking the vitamins, so I knew it was worth it! Then I got an opportunity that I had to jump at.

PreMama Prenatal Vitamins. All of the amazing benefits of my other pill, in an unflavored powder I could mix into my drink of choice and not have to choke down! WHAT?!?! Yes, please!!!

PreMama has many benefits for women. Especially pregnant and breastfeeding women. Containing one of the highest concentrated levels of vitamin B6 (30mg), a special iron (Ferrochel® ferrous bisglycinate chelate) designed to maximize absorption and minimize unpleasant iron-supplement-side-effects, exceptional levels of folic acid (800 mcg of Quatrefolic® folate), plant based DHA and ALA vitamins (That’s right! It’s vegetarian!) and even vitamin B12 to help promote energy metabolism.


All fabulous things, right? Want to know what is most fabulous? I have been adding them to my morning drinks, be that a mocha, a hot cocoa, tea.. And not once have I tasted it (I got the PreMama Essentials Taste-Free) or had to choke it down. The individual packets make it convenient to take with me if I need to. I can even add it to a bowl of oatmeal if I want!

I have been using PreMama for a few weeks now and have nothing but great things to say about it! I know that I’m getting the vitamins I need and I’m no longer struggling or dreading taking them. I highly recommend PreMama for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, thinking about getting pregnant, could possibly get pregnant, or really.. Any woman of childbearing age that would benefit from a quality multi-vitamin.

Now is your chance! Would you like to try a 30-Day supply of PreMama? They have graciously provided one of you the opportunity to win one!

Go to the PreMama website and tell me, what is one benefit of PreMama you are most interested in?


Note: I received PreMama Essentials from PreMama and BSM Media. I was not paid for my review and my opinions are my own.

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