*That* cookie season!

I remember a time when I was one of the only people I knew with kids. When I did finally venture out and make “mommy friends,” our kids were all similar ages. Too young to sell anything but slobber.


When THE cookie season would begin, I only knew because I would see them standing outside the grocery store.. Little girls in brown and green, peddling their highly addictive cookies with big smiles on their faces.

One year I was pregnant during this infamous, deliciously calorie rich season. I knew this was a dangerous combination. There were even days that I would make my husband use the cookie finder on their website to figure out which store they would be at on any given Saturday. Still, a box here and there wasn’t too bad.

Eventually we had a friend say “Hey, I know someone with a little girl selling these highly addictive cookies! Let me know what you want, and you can just order from her!” Okay.. I could do this. One girl, place one order, then call it good for the year. Hahaha. Right. I would still occasionally fall victim to the smiles outside the grocery store. My pantry stockpiled full of boxed cookies that would still not last long enough.

This lasted a couple years… and then this year came. Our close friends’ daughter is now selling these diet killing cookie concoctions. If I’m totally honest, she’s my favorite smile-wielding little girl, therefor I thought this would make it easy. Support one little girl in her cookie selling entrepreneurial spirit. So I ordered my stock pile, and that would be it, right?! Wrong.

Turns out, I have multiple friends who all seem to have incredibly adorable little girls, all with those highly persuasive, ear-to-ear smiles.. All wearing the brown and green uniforms. And me, once again, in my ridiculously persuadable pregnant state. I can shield my eyes from the cookie flinging girls at the grocery store.. but from the sweet smiles of our friends’ kids?

What makes it even more catastrophic, though? This year they’ve all taken to social media! Facebook events, Instagram photos , tweets… “Who wants to support my ribbon-clad, wide-eyed, badge-seeking ball of smiles as she tries to meet her goal?” GAH!!! ME!! I DO!!! But wait.. I just bought my annual stockpile. What’s another box or two.. or ten. It’s for the kids.. Right? (Do you think this is an argument I can make to my OB-GYN when I suddenly gain 40 pounds by my next appointment? Probably not.. Darn.)

Let the cookie season in our area begin! And may my willpower be stronger than the gleefully giggling little girls. Not likely, but one can hope.

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