You’re still the one..

When I was 14, I met a boy on the Internet. The days of AOL chatting and before online dating even became a thing. This boy, it would turn out, went to my school. He not only went to my school but he knew a lot of my friends. Our paths had crossed several times without aligning. Me, the shy choir girl with an extreme distrust in the male species. Him, the girl crazy band geek. It wasn’t until I sent him a random message via slow dial up Internet “I think I know you..” that we actually communicated.

We spent hours on end sending instant messages back and forth. I would nervously avoid speaking in person like the shy young teenager I was. Eventually we began actually talking, then talking turned to dating. Soon, we were inseparable. As much as we would both try to achieve the opposite. (It was high school after all..) We were like a boomerang.. Always flying right back to one another. Like most cheesy couples, we had a song. Our song was Shania Twain’s “You’re Still the One.” As a young girl in high school, I had no way of knowing that he was actually the one.

7 years ago today, 10 years after we started dating, we jetted off to Las Vegas and I married that boy.

Today is just 1 day of 2,555 days of marriage.. Which is just a fragment of the 6,205 days we’ve been together.. But for the past 7 years and for the rest of our years to come.. This date will stand as a reminder.. No matter what may come, no matter what we endure.. He’s still the one.


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