Pumping in style with Nurse Purse

There are certain parts of motherhood that are less glamorous than others. Especially if you’re a nursing mom. Sure, you got this amazing instant boob job – but wait too long between feedings and your boob job will spring an obvious leak. You’re frequently covered in spit up and you hope that the explosion you heard coming from the diaper stays contained within it long enough for you to get to a changing table before it leaks all over you.

With all of these new “accessories” now adorning our wardrobes, wouldn’t it be nice if other, often bland and boring motherhood accessories could be more stylish?

Take the breast pump for instance. Working moms have to tote their pumps to and from work, along with all of the pieces and collected milk, every day. Any mom traveling that is pumping has to bring their pump wherever they are going. These pumps often come with these bland black bags that scream “Why yes, I do have a breast pump and a collection if milk in my bag.” They think by making them shoulder bags or backpacks they are helping.. It’s not. The bags are still obviously containing a breast pump.

Well, what if you could make that piece of motherhood a little (okay, a lot!) more stylish? What if I told you that you can now take your pump to and from work, on trips, etc.. Without the world instantly knowing what was contained within it. Not to mention, while adding a cute and fashionable bag to your outfit. Nurse Purse has changed the way we pump! By taking the trend of cute and modern diaper bags and blending it together with the less-than-attractive breast pump bags.. We can now transport our pumps with ease and style.
The Nurse Purse bags aren’t all form over function, either. They are extremely useful for your day to day toting, with built in compartments for the breast pump and accessories, plus space for other daily items like your laptop/tablet, files, or to use as a diaper bag or purse. No need for carrying multiple bags when you need your breast pump.

The bags are made with a laminated canvas, which makes it water (or breast milk..) resistant. It also makes it easy to wipe down if and when needed. With metal feet on the bottom, your bag will not be directly on your desk or the floor keeping both the bag and table surfaces clean.

There are plenty of pockets, both inside and out. The pockets on the inside are zipped and the interior has a water-resistant lining to keep everything safe from anything that may leak. (If only our shirts were equipped with this feature..)

The Nurse Purse accommodates many different brands and styles of pump, as well. I use my nurse purse with my Lansinoh Signature Pro Duo, but I also have a Medela and it fits nicely. I love that the access to the pump is quick and easy.. And I can keep my pump put together when it’s stored. No need to break down the tubes/cords.

It’s such a functional product that brings style to nursing and pumping! It’s quite comfortable to carry and doesn’t scream “breast pump!!” When you’re carrying it. It can also be quite usable when you have ceased the pumping stage.

I do wish that they made a matching insulated cooler pack for milk storage, but there is plenty of room within the bag to pack a standard insulated lunch bag to transport milk.

I love my Nurse Purse. A great product for stylish moms, especially when we’re covered in milk and spit up.

**Note: I was provided a Nurse Purse to review, but was not otherwise compensated. The opinions expressed are my own honest opinions.**

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