Disneyland 2010 — Part of Disneyland 60 years in 60 days

2010 was not a major year as far as attractions go at Disneyland. The Captain EO Tribute opened, a revival of the once existing Captain EO attraction.  A few much anticipated “Coming Soon!” construction areas teased, and a few new things were added in California Adventure (World of Color debuted this year!!) but overall, 2010 was a pretty stable year regarding attractions within Disneyland. It made 2010 the perfect year to make our children’s first Disneyland memories.

DSC_0443DSC_0080You see, first trips to Disneyland are honestly the most remembered. The most talked about. You look back on them and think about how, overtime, the park has evolved and changed. You have something to reminisce about. This particular first trip was also the start of a tradition. We have since gone every 18 months with our very close family friends. The magic of Disneyland as a family is amazing. The magic of Disneyland with your closest friends, especially for children… nothing beats it. It’s full of pixie dust. We opted to go in late September, so the park was all set up for Halloween, which added an even more magical element to the experience.



Looking back at these photos, I see so much about the park that has changed.. from the entrance area to both parks.. that in 2010 still boasted large letters spelling out CALIFORNIA in front of DCA (Disney’s California Adventure) to rides that have changed or are no longer there. It’s so fun to look back and have these memories.





You don’t realize just how much changes… even while staying the same. We all know they have parades.. the parades are a main stay — but looking back on the pictures and remember these parades.. They have since been replaced with new parades. Different parades. Just as magical.. new memories to be made.. but this will always be my favorite. The first glimpse of Disney parade magic that captured the heart of my children. DSC_0282DSC_0326 DSC_0336

Pixie Hollow, while still there, has since received a makeover.. but I think I’ll always be partial to the Pixie Hollow of 2010. Where our littlest munchkins were crawling all over the flowers and mushrooms in front of the giant Fairy Journal. DSC_0242DSC_0156DSC_0170DSC_0174

2010 captured our families fondest memories… all of our families magical Disney firsts. From first ears: DSC_0341DSC_0389

First crushes: (Snow White.. she spent a good 35 minutes walking around with him… just him.. introducing him to her friends and showing him around the grounds, then she ended it with a kiss on the cheek. This is Disney Magic!!) DSC_0211DSC_0227DSC_0222DSC_0229DSC_0234DSC_0265First Trading Pins: (Including his first trade. A girl from our home state that he struck up a conversation with. He still remembers her and the pin she gave him.) DSC_0012DSC_0090DSC_0114

First Rides:DSC_0009DSC_0085 (2)DSC_0044DSC_0082DSC_0107DSC_0199


First Characters:DSC_0351DSC_0086DSC_0096DSC_0213DSC_0264

First Castles: DSC_0161

Disneyland in 2010 may not have held a lot of park milestones, but definitely held plenty of park magic and so many memories- for us and thousands of other families. Did your family make any Disney memories in 2010?? How about any firsts? 
Happy, Happy 60th, Disneyland!! We look forward to enjoying your Diamond celebration and creating more pixie dusted memories with you!!

Thanks for reminiscing 2010 with me, and for following along with #60DaysTo60YearsAtDisneyland


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