FroYo Fun with Stonyfield and Yay Labs

It is very rare for me to come across a product that is both entertaining and highly useful for my children. When I was presented by Stonyfield to review the Yay Labs Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball to combine fun with a healthy frozen snack, I was immediately intrigued. Could it really be as fun and simple as it sounded? Is this something my older boys would enjoy? Could they even manage to do it all themselves?¬†After an evening of fun with our Stonyfield YoKids yogurt and our Yay Labs Soft Shell Ice Cream Ball… the answer to all of those questions is an astounding YES!

**I am a Stonyfield Ambassador. This Post is sponsored by Stonyfield, and the products herein were provided to us by Stonyfield and Yay Labs for the purpose of review. All Opinions expressed are my own.**

We started by gathering our ingredients. We wanted to keep it healthy, and keep it simple. The Yay Labs Ice Cream Ball, itself, doesn’t require much to use it.. and the frozen yogurt can be as simple as just using, well, yogurt. We opted to add organic frozen sliced strawberries to our frozen yogurt for a little extra flavor and texture. Plus: Why not? One more thing for the kids to help with, and one more fruit to add to their diet for the day.


Creating the Frozen Yogurt is easy.. Prep the yogurt in a bowl that will be easy to transfer into the ball when you’re ready. We were feeding 3 of our children, so I used 3 of the YoKids cups. (Strawberry Vanilla is a favorite around these parts.. so a natural choice for us!)
In the bowl of yogurt, we added in the thawed, sliced organic strawberries.
After you’ve added the desired amount of fruit to the yogurt, mix it together well.
Add the yogurt and fruit mixture to the metal compartment in the Ice Cream Ball.
After the lid is well secured to the capsule containing the yogurt mixture, tip it over and add ice to the bottom compartment.
Fill it with ice as full as you can get it (But leave a little bit of room for the rock salt)
Measure out your rock salt, approximately 1/2 a cup. Add the rock salt on top of the ice in the compartment and secure the lid well.
Play with the ball. Your kids can roll it. Shake it. Toss it back and forth (Please not.. this is not the best method. It does specify not to drop it, and with all the ice and other ingredients.. this ball DOES get heavy!!) After about 20 minutes of playing, scraping themixture off the walls once or twice in the process, you have an amazing vat of frozen yogurt.
Creamy and delicious. Organic strawberry frozen yogurt that my kids made by themselves, at home.. all while playing together.

What a fun and enjoyable activity!! The yogurt was delicious and my kids were begging to do it again not even 5 minutes after they finished their dish of frozen yogurt. This is a fun summer staple, for sure. Thank you, Stonyfield and Yay Labs!!

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