Pregnancy and Postpartum made easier with new Premama Digestive Aid

There are many side effects of pregnancy that no one really focuses on. Everyone commiserates about nausea and heartburn, how their bladder now resembles an over-filled water balloon, and how swelling and the inability to bend over have made flip flops the only shoe option.

Let’s talk about digestion for a second. Pregnancy makes our digestive track work slower than a slug racing a snail. Unfortunately, this brings on a whole bunch of fun other side effects. Constipation? Hemorrhoids? Ugh. Best part? These are things I that don’t miraculously fix themselves the moment you deliver your baby like many of the other above symptoms do.


Enter the new Premama Digestive Aid chews. I received these from Premama and Mom Select a few weeks before giving birth and they not only helped immensely during those last couple weeks.. But they were fabulous immediately postpartum. That “please don’t make me use the bathroom..” phase was a bit less terrible!


It’s a simple vanilla flavored caramel. Uh. Yes, you read that right. It’s like candy. Candy that helps your digestive track function like a normal human. WHAT?!? I know. My mind was blown. We love Premama prenatal vitamins because it allows us to take the vitamins without feeling like we’re taking them. This is the same! Like a special treat that helps your body work. It’s not only a fiber source, but a probiotic as well. So, while you’re suddenly feeling better — your body is defending itself better, too!


Trust me, this is a product you will want to take during pregnancy — and you’ll definitely want to pack it in your hospital bag! Plus, just stock up on it for postpartum as well. I would even say you don’t need to be pregnant or postpartum to take them. I mean, it’s just fiber and probiotic. Who couldn’t use that in their life?!


Note: Premama Digestive Aid was provided to me to review by Premama and Mom Select. My opinions are my own and I was not otherwise compensated.

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