Brands We Love

Líllébaby:(Affiliate) Líllébaby is a brand we have fallen in love with over the last year. Our go-to carrier. In fact, the only brand we own more than one of. The flexibility of use, the quality of material and the customer service are just a few reasons we love them. You will find many Líllébaby related posts, as my LÍLLÉlove has made me a proud ambassador for the brand.

Stonyfield Farm: Stonyfield Farm is a household favorite, for sure. From our littlest YoBaby, our YoKids and us – our house is never lacking in Stonyfield Yogurt. Healthy, organic yogurt. What’s not to love? I’m proud to represent Stonyfield as a brand ambassador.

Britax is a brand we’ve used for a long time and continue to trust. You will see Britax strollers mentioned in my “Let’s Take a Stroll” post and their car seats mentioned in my “A peek into how I shop for big purchases” post.

Baby Jogger: 
Baby Jogger is a brand that I’ve come to adore over the last 2 years. Very durable and multi-functional. You will see Baby Jogger mentioned in my “Let’s Take a Stroll” post.

Sili Squeeze:
We found Sili Squeeze randomly not long ago at a baby expo. Convenient and reusable. You will see Sili Squeeze mentioned in my “Let’s get Sili… Squeeze, that is” post. (Sili Squeeze is now branded as “Original Squeeze”)

Sophie the Giraffe:
If you asked my toddler, Sophie the Giraffe is the worlds best toy. Ever. You will see Sophie the Giraffe mentioned in my “Phie Phie!” post.

Skip*Hop is a brand I’ve always seen, but didn’t really come to love until my youngest son took an extremely liking to their Owl/Tree Friends line. You will see Skip*Hop mentioned in my “Loo, Loo, Skip*Hop to my Loo” post.

Petunia Pickle Bottom:
PPB is a brand I have loved since my oldest was little. The only diaper bag brand I will buy! You will see Petunia Pickle Bottom mentioned in my “A rose by any other name… would be called Petunia” post.

Orbit Baby:
Orbit has been my infatuation for a while. The very moment I saw the stroller in a picture, I had to know what it was and where I could find it. Sadly, we added more children and it was not the ideal stroller for us anymore. However, now that they have added the Double Helix, I may just have to bite the bullet and add an Orbit to our family. You will find Orbit mentioned in my posts “A peek into how I shop for big purchases” , “Let’s Take a Stroll..” and “Successfully launched into Orbit.”

Clek is a brand that I have recently become familiar with. My son quickly fell in love with the Paul Frank booster seat that was on display at our favorite local retailer. I am impressed with their dedication to safety and design. You will find Clek mentioned in my “A peek into how I shop for big purchases” post.

gDiapers are the only diapers I use. The diapers I love. The diapers I am passionate about. Their commitment to their customers and our planet just makes me love them more. You will find gDiapers mentioned in my “Change Diapers..” post

Nook Sleep Systems:
Nook Sleep Systems is a brand that definitely falls into the category of “game changing baby products.” They are modern, stylish, functional and free of harsh chemicals. This means that when your baby sits or lays down on them, they won’t be breathing in harsh chemical fumes that linger on products. You will find Nook Sleep Systems mentioned in my “Sleep like a husband.. snuggle like a baby” post.

Stokke is a brand I have long admired. From their sleek, modern style to their premium exclusivity. Now having obtained a Stokke product, it is a brand that I love. A durable, quality line of baby gear that will last. You will find Stokke mentioned in my posts “The view from on top” and “When ‘the best’ suddenly becomes too popular

BabyLegs Legwarmers:
We have loved BabyLegs Legwarmers for many years. Something that seemed so simple has brought so much diversity and functionality to our children’s wardrobe. A quality product that allows our children to add a layer of warmth or a splash of color to their everyday clothes. With BabyLegs, the options are endless. You will find BabyLegs mentioned in our post “Little legs.. Crazy legs.. BabyLegs!

Aden + Anais are a fabulous brand of soft, muslin blankets that every baby should own. We started by falling in love with their sheets and our love only grew. From soft blankets to soft skin, Aden + Anais is nothing short of amazing. You will find Aden + Anais mentioned in our post “Wrapped up in a Dream.. Blanket

Boba Carriers: 
Boba Carriers are an amazing brand of baby wearing carrier for parents of all different sizes. That is what makes them stand out to us. The amount of personalization you can achieve in sizing this carrier is by far our favorite part. You will find more of our thoughts on Boba in our post “Carry On..

Zipzicles is one of those things that you look at and say “Why didn’t I think of that??” – A genius product to allow you to make healthier summer treats for your children. Free of BPA and recyclable add to the benefits. You will find Zipzicles featured in our post “Beat the Heat.. With Zipzicle!