I’m Traci. A 30-something mom of five boys and a little girl. Yes, FIVE boys and ONE girl. Fully embracing that large family life. Each of our kids is uniquely special. One has a peanut allergy, one is speech delayed, another is gifted, while one has severe sensory processing, one is a complicated mash up of a few of them, and then one is a girl – so she’s completely unique in this house. I am married to a tech savvy, self-proclaimed geek who loves gadgets of all sorts. Our family loves all things Disney and we travel often. I am an allergy awareness advocate and strive to educate parents on the dangers of allergies for children. My family functions on love, good food and a lot of coffee.

As a mom who had kids before most of my friends, I have had to research products for my children on my own. We are a modern couple who started having children at a fairly early age. For us, style is an important aspect of children’s products.. but what good is style if a product isn’t functional as well? Through trial and error, we find the best baby products that we don’t mind having strewn throughout our home – but are equally as enjoyable and useful for our children.

I was once described as the “most mainstream, co-sleeping, baby wearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering mama” that a person knew. This could very well be the best description for me. I swear by high end  brands. I love premium products. I believe that, for most things, you get what you pay for and certain things are worth investing in.  That said, I am very much a “typical Oregonian Mama” who leans towards things that are more eco-friendly, non-toxic and a little more natural. I am an avid babywearer and a Lillebaby Brand Ambassador.

Our residence here in Oregon has given us the ability to use products in many different settings. From a summer trip to a desert resort, a New Years trip up to the snow-capped mountain, a weekend escape to the sandy beaches or an afternoon stroller trot around an urban downtown shopping district. We strive to include our children in the majority of our lives – from dining out to travel. This has helped me become a well informed resource and referral for a lot of my friends’ purchases for their children. Often hearing “Well, if you would buy it…” and “When I saw yours, I LOVED it!” I have decided to take the products I love and tell you all why I can’t get enough of them. Enjoy!