Let’s take a stroll..

Everyone has been asking. Now I’m giving you all an answer. How do you juggle three children while out and about? The answer? A good, durable stroller is a must.

My children are six, three and my youngest just turned 10 months. My six-year-old is plenty capable of walking, so I knew that I needed a solution for only two of my children. My first thought wandered to “Have you seen how big tandem strollers are?!?” then accompanied by “Or how WIDE a side-by-side is??” I set out for a better solution.

With my middle son being two-and-a-half when our youngest was born we knew we needed a double stroller, so foregoing it wasn’t a viable option.. But realistically, how long would he need to be in it? My research brought me the perfect solution. The modular stroller.

After much comparing and negotiating our options we ended up with two very similar, yet VERY different, modular strollers. The Britax B-Ready and the Baby Jogger City Select. If you were to ask me if I had a favorite, I’d tell you, honestly, “It depends on the day. Where I’m going. What I’m doing.”

Let’s start with the Baby Jogger City Select. This stroller has so many pluses. The biggest positive is that both seats are identical in size and weight limit. This IS a big deal. The second seat is also not restricted to one feet-in-basket position.

Naturally, with two seats attached, it is a little heavy, but nothing compared to the tandem I had before! The seats are easy to get on and off, and the stroller handles well with both one and two seats installed. We used it most with the bassinet attachment and second seat when our youngest was super tiny. The bassinet is a great addition to get for newborns!

The other bonus? Baby Jogger sells a glider board that can attach to the stroller even when the second seat is attached. Three kids on one stroller that is no longer than a standard travel system? Score!
Now, The Britax B-Ready. While not as flexible in seat position or weight limits, this stroller doesn’t feel limiting. The basket is huge and very accessible from multiple sides. This makes getting things in and out a breeze, even with a kick-happy toddler in the second seat. It is also very easy to use with a Britax infant car seat.

While heavier than the City Select, it’s not a bad kind of heavy. It’s sturdy. It FEELS sturdy. The control of the stroller is amazing, especially in the mall. Tight spaces are easy to maneuver in.

It’s added bonuses? It’s fabrics are very nice. True to the Britax brand. It also has an organizer that hooks to the basket when only one seat is in use. Very handy! Lastly, my husband’s favorite bonus, it comes standard with a cup holder! That’s right, moms, you won’t have to juggle steering and carrying your iced Starbucks. (Baby Jogger also makes a cup holder, but it must be purchased separately.)

So, there you have it. Both worth the investment. Both worthy of purchase depending on your wants and needs. Now that my baby is almost one and my middle son is almost three-and-a-half, they both still get use — but I have my sights set on the Orbit G2 stroller with two side-kick boards for the older two. Should my husband amuse my desire… You may see a post about that one in use, also. 🙂

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