Let’s get Sili.. Squeeze, that is.

This past Sunday I helped man the gDiaper’s booth at the Northwest Biggest Baby Shower at the Portland Convention Center. After doing my shift and showing people the diapers that I love ever-so-much, (That is a post to come..) My husband and older kids arrived and we decided to walk around the booths.

Overall, I was disappointed in the show as a whole. Not many vendors, not a good representation of baby GEAR, however, there was one thing that jumped out at me like a kid on trampoline. Sili Squeeze.

All three of my children love the Plum Organics squeezable pouches. They love all the Plum Organics foods, but most of all, the squeezable pouches. We freeze them and send them in our oldest son’s lunch box, we throw a handful into the diaper bag for when we are on the go with the younger two, and we keep a stash of them on our kitchen counter for times when they just want a snack. Deep down, though, I am a homemade baby food mama.

It started when my oldest was an infant and allergic to nearly everything. Processed, jarred baby food was an allergy risk for him, and honestly, just smelled disgusting. As I sat and made his food, there was something so much better about it. WE would eat it. Bananas tasted like bananas and didn’t have an odor that instantly triggered a gag reflex. From then forward, all of our kids ate REAL food, made by me. Until I realized how inconvenient it was with three kids, one jaunting back and forth to school. That’s where we found the Plum Pouches and loved the convenience of good options made easy.

Enter Sili Squeeze. I can put any smooth food I want to in it and take it to go. It’s a pouch, just as convenient as the Plum pouches we came to love, but I can fill it with the food I make, or foods that they love that maybe taste a bit better than the pouches. Let’s face it, the Greek Yogurt pouches do NOT taste good. I can’t even get the baby to like those.

I filled the Sili Squeeze up with Vanilla Bean yogurt this morning and my two youngest kids downed it. My middle son had been begging us since we bought the two Sili Squeeze’s yesterday “Can you wash that so I can use it, please?” He was so excited. We bought one of each of their two styles. One has a valve of sorts that prevents it from free flowing. My baby was flinging it from side to side and we didn’t have yogurt flying everywhere. We got the “squeeze with eeeze” for our older boys, as it’s more free flowing and they (should) know better than to fling it all over the place.

I am very pleased to say that this is one product that I’m excited for. It’s safe, it’s fun, it’s whatever you want it to be. It’s also freezable, which means I can still send them in my oldest son’s lunches and know that it will arrive there cold at lunch time. It has a nice, strong lid, so I won’t worry when I throw it in the diaper bag, either. A big plus, I have to say, is that it is very easy to clean. There weren’t a million pieces. I wish sippy cups were this easy. I can’t wait to buy more!

Note: this product was NOT provided to me. I bought it and I loved it, so I am showing it to all of you in hopes that you love it to.

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