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I’ve sat here many times attempting this post, only to quickly realize how difficult it is to put into words my love for a diaper. No, I am not excited about any poop filled diaper. In fact, most diapers instill fear in me. If you have ever experienced a blow-out you know this fear. However, I am googoo over gDiapers.

Photo by Olivia at Yah Yah Photography

I tell the world about my love for these diapers all the time. When my friends are expecting, I show them my diapers. (I’ve converted quite a few, too!) I tell them how easy they are to use. How simple it is to change. How not traditional they are. I am amazed by how many people still think that cloth diapering involves plastics covers and pins. Yes, you can still use those methods.. but why when you don’t have to? When you have something that is as convenient as a disposable diaper, without the guilt.

I often volunteer, when given the opportunity, to work in the gDiaper booths at trade-shows. Telling people about gDiapers is simple there. I show off my baby’s g-Clad bum and then talk about how simple it all is. I am able to answer new parents’ anxiety-filled poop questions. Tell them about how gDiapers has helped reduce my carbon footprint. I get to explain about my kids’ sensitive skin and how gDiaper’s has never given them a rash. I get to brag about how I have never had a blow-out in our gDiapers and I can explain all the differences in using gDiapers with their flushable/biodegradable/compostable insert, using gDiapers with their cloth insert –or– using plain old disposable diapers. (Currently, I am a biodegradable only user. I did cloth inserts with my middle son.. and my first son was a ‘sposie kid. Eep! I know the ins and outs of it all) Yet, to write it all out here? The words don’t flow. So, I am going to attempt to SHOW you how wonderful, adorable and simple gDiapers are. If there is one thing I have a lot of, it’s pictures of my kids in g’s.

Starting Out Tiny..

Let’s start with the TinyG’s. Rated for Newborns (Or, more accurately 6-10 lbs) these diapers are all one piece with a soft cotton exterior lined with a water resistant lining. Please observe, gDiapers all close in the back. While this takes a little getting used to with a wiggly, squishy newborn.. you will thank them for it as your child gets older and can start attempting to remove diapers that close in the front. (Trust me..) They recommend that these newborn diapers only be used with the biodegradable liner. Which, for newborn poop, I recommend using that particular liner anyway. There are snaps in the front to allow you to lower the rise as to not get in the way of a drying/healing umbilical cord and they are so sweet to look at. All of the TinyG’s come in this print and I couldn’t get enough of it. My baby was in the TinyG’s for longer than most (about 3.5 months) but he was less than 6 lbs at birth and only 8 lbs when I moved him into the smalls.

Some babies will never wear the TinyG’s, but if you can get your baby in them, even for a short amount of time, I recommend it. It is a wonderful way to get into the routine of gDiapering and a great learning tool. You can get the TinyG’s in packs of 6 or you will find them in the gBaby Bundle. (The gBaby Bundle is, in my opinion, the best value.. even if you don’t use the Tiny’s for long. You get 12 TinyG’s, 6 size smalls and 80 of the Biodegradable Refills.)




Getting Bigger:

As you Transition into the small gPants, (Small gPants rated from 8-14 lbs) there is a little bit more of a learning curve, as you will now have 3 pieces to your diaper. The soft and adorable cotton exterior, a nylon snap-in liner (or “pouch” as they are often referred to.. Each diaper comes with this pouch but you can buy extra) and then your choice of cloth or biodegradable insert. While this might seem slightly intimidating or complicated, it is definitely not. I typically pre-prepped all of my diapers and then switched them out at each change. If he was just wet, I would simply toss or flush the biodegradable insert, let the diaper and snap-in liner dry out and put a new diaper on him until the next change when I would go back to the previous diaper. Often only using 2-3 diaper exteriors and snap-in inserts per day.That is, unless I wanted to put him into a different color. Which, sometimes happened often. Especially during the summer when I used his diapers as part of his outfits.  I think the thing I loved most during this period of time, compared to when my oldest son wore disposables at this age, is that I never had an outfit ruined by “blow-out” — My g’s have always contained the mess and protected his clothes. (Unless of course, I was 1/2 awake and put the diaper on wrong. But, that never happened. Nooo..) I kept my babies in small gPants (I have gDiapered two babies) until they reached about 12 pounds.

Growing Up:

The transition from Small to Medium was a little bit more interesting. Width wise, my baby still needed the small.. but length wise, the rise was too short. (Medium gPants are rated from 13-28 lbs) Thanks to the amazing community of gParents, I was guided into the “Small to Medium Transition Phase” of using a size Medium gPant (The cloth exterior..) with a size Small snap-in liner and biodegradable insert. This worked perfectly until he was about 14.5 pounds and able to fit the Medium snap-in liner more appropriately. The practice, by this point, will be second nature and there is no difference in gPants from Small through Extra-Large except that the Small gPants have a thinner waist band than the Medium, Large and Extra-Large. I’ll be honest, though. I have never used anything larger than the size Medium. When my first gDiapered baby was ready to potty train, he was only 25 pounds and still in Mediums at 2.5 years old.


An Addictive Collection:

Now that I’ve explained the basics, Let me talk about my addiction. As if the cute array or colors aren’t enough, gDiapers releases Limited Edition gPants and also gStyles Sets (that are also Limited in production) Often, these styles sell out promptly which has caused me to be “victim” of a lack of adorable gPant on a couple occasions. Often, they will throw out hints here and there on their Facebook Page to let you know that these diapers are coming soon, so I often plan accordingly to budget in one or two of them.




While these Limited Edition diapers have an excellent re-sale value, I have never been able to part with mine. I mean, what if I had another baby?? The thought of not having these adorable diapers makes me sad. You’d be surprised that, while all gPants have adorable names (Most appropriately starting with g’s..) most people will call out the name of a Limited Edition or a gStyle faster than you can even remember what your child’s name is. It’s a slightly (okay, not slightly..) addicting diaper obsession.

There are SO many amazing things about gDiapers that I can’t even begin to tell you all of them on a simple (yet adorable..) blog post, so I definitely urge you to go to the gDiapers site to see what they are all about. The community is strong and helpful. The staff is amazing.. and most of all, you will see that g’s are, above all other gWords, Genuine..

If you have any questions about gDiapers, if you use gDiapers, or just want to tell me how adorably cute these things are… Feel free to comment here. gDiapers quickly became more than just a purchase for me. They became a passion.

Note: These products were not provided to me. We bought them, we love them, our children love them, so I am showing them to you in the hope that you will love them too.


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