The one that gets overlooked..


A while back I asked a bunch of my friends a question. What baby items did you spend the most time researching? The responses were different for the most part.. but one thing was consistent. Not a single person said high chair. As a gear addict, there are so many high chairs on the market and some of them are quite swoon worthy. (Stokke Tripp Trapp? Bloom Fresco Chrome? Boon Flair??) Naturally I would have to weigh the pros and cons and research my little heart out before I would buy one. Apparently though, that is just me. (If you are curious.. the above high chair is the Graco Blossom 4-in-1)

So I followed up… “I noticed no one said high chair.. did you not research your high chair? Was the high chair not an important purchase?” Again, surprising to me.. most answered no. They either bought whatever was cheapest, whatever was the most familiar brand, or whatever matched their gear set.

I am shocked. Really? The high chair is the start to your child’s independence. It’s likely where they will take their first bite of food. They will exercise their pincer grasp there. It is even where they will inevitable learn cause and effect from repeatedly tossing their green beans to the floor and giggling with delight. So why does it sit so low on the priority list? Especially when so many people buy one they end up hating.

I am so intrigued. By now most of you know I’m a researcher. It doesn’t matter what piece of baby gear it is I’m buying.. I’m going to find the best piece that fits my criteria and my lifestyle. I understand not all are like me, but some people research their exersaucer more than their high chair.. and I’m so very curious as to why.

So here is my question to you.. Where did your high chair fall on your list of priorities when shopping for baby and why? What piece did you invest the most time (and possibly money..) on? Why? Finally.. if money wasn’t an issue.. is there a baby product you were splurge on? (Like the gorgeous Andy Warhol Bugaboo, perhaps?)

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