A fitting disguise..


I cannot believe I am writing this post already. It’s the middle of August. My kids aren’t even back in school yet. Is it really time to start thinking about Halloween?? The seasonal costume shops and Halloween displays popping up already tell me that yes, indeed it is. My goal is to not have an event like last year occur again. My son was set on a specific costume. He begged and pleaded. “I’ll see if I can find it..” I said. I never found it. I waited too long. Every where was sold out and he kindly gave me his second choice and only complained about it a little. I promise.. this year I’m on top of it.

Just as I do with backpacks.. I have certain standards for costumes. Some people think it’s silly considering they are typically only worn for one night and rarely passed down. However, it’s still a purchase.. which means it is not exempt from the scrutiny that all of my purchases fall victim to.

  • I refuse to pay for cheap polyester. Not going to happen. 
  • It has to look like it’s supposed to. If you want to be a character from a movie.. it had better be recognizable or it’s just not going to happen.
  • There must be available accessories to complete the look. (I have this weird thing for accessorizing..)
  • Preferably something that can be thrown in our dress-up bin for at least a year of continued fun. Especially if it costs me more than $30.


With these criteria in mind.. I love the costumes at Pottery Barn Kids. The quality and the material are amazing and the designs are adorable. Not to mention, the coordinating trick or treat bag? Completes the ensemble. Like I said, I love accessories!

The Pottery Barn Kids costumes this year don’t disappoint. From the adorable baby costumes to the fun kids costumes. I am currently hoping my kids will go along with doing a Dr. Seuss theme for our family. How adorable would that be? The Lorax? The Cat in the Hat? Red Fish, Blue Fish? SO cute.

I don’t know that they will go along with it, though. My 4-year-old spotted the firefighter costume… and my 7-year-old liked the astronaut. I can only imagine the reaction I would get if I showed my 2-year-old the giraffe costume! I guess you will have to come back in October to see which costumes won out? 🙂

Have you started costume planning yet or are you last minute costume shoppers? Do you do family costumes or do you let your kids choose what they want to be? How many of you have crazy costume standards like I do? Which is your favorite Potter Barn Kids costume this year? (If I had a little girl, I would definitely put her in the baby owl costume!)


** This is NOT a sponsored post. Just an incredible love for Pottery Barn Kids costumes.

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