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blog-shoppingI love premium products. As I said in my “About” section, I really do believe that for many children’s products, you get what you pay for. However, sometimes the pricey items are not in your budget, but they are something you love or the style you want. The good news is – there are honestly quality solutions for all budgets. Sure, it may not be the item you wanted.. but it will look and often function quite similarly. Sometimes they are even made by the same companies.

For instance, the Nook Pebble crib mattress. It’s gorgeous and innovative. It’s free of harsh chemicals, not to mention soft and comfortable.. (Yet still safe and secure for baby!) Their bright colors and fabulous features come at a steep price point, though. ($395) Many people scoff. However, Nook Sleep Systems designed a crib mattress with most of the same features (Some of the limitations include only being 1-sided and white being the only color option..) but roughly half the of price.. ($195) The CloudSleeper is available only at It’s still slightly more expensive than your typical plastic covered, hard-as-a-rock crib mattress.. but again, you get what you pay for and the price difference between the CloudSleeper and a traditional crib mattress is minimal.

Another brand with options in multiple price market’s is Britax. Their infant car seat, the Chaperone, is well loved and envied by many.. though some couldn’t (or didn’t want to) spend that much on an infant car seat. ($229.99) So, Britax released a second infant car seat with a lower price point, the B-Safe seat. Same Britax safety, same Britax styles.. slightly more affordable. ($179) They even make that specific car seat in BOB Stroller fabrics. ($199.99) Very nice.

Then we venture to other brands that don’t have multiple price tiers for their gear… for those items, you can often find other brands who make very similar products within a more affordable price range. As I’ve stated multiple times, I am in love with the Stokke Tripp Trapp. It’s highly functional, has multiple uses and grows with your child. In my opinion, it’s fairly priced.. ($249.99) but I understand that fair does not always mean affordable. There are a few other high chairs on the market with close to the same style and the same “grow with you” idea. The Keekaroo Height Right ($189.95) is a similar idea with a slightly more affordable price. The Badger Basket Embassy Wood high chair with tray is another one at a significantly lower price than both of the above. ($139.99) Again, fairly similar.. Personally, I would still go with the established quality of the Stokke Tripp Trapp.. but if you want the look on a budget, these are some options.

Cribs are another vastly priced market. The modern style is super trendy right now, but the price tags on many of them make even me cringe. Take for instance the Oeuf Sparrow. Gorgeous. Modern. Would work in just about any nursery. The price, however, wouldn’t work in most of budgets. ($760) For a similar look for about half the price, you can find the Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1. ($379)

The process even works in reverse.. Lets take bouncy seats. We all know of the crazy selection of decently priced bouncy seats. In the basic market, my favorite is the Graco Simple Snuggles Bouncer ($54.99) — but what if you want something nicer? You may be more interested in the Chicco I-Feel Rocker. ($99.99) Still not enough? Perhaps you are more drawn in by the Baby Bjorn Baby Sitter Balance. ($199.99) Close.. but perhaps not modern enough? There’s still a bouncer for you. The Bloom Coco Plexistyle is the perfect posh accent. ($350)

If you have a style in mind or find a product that you absolutely adore but can’t necessarily afford, do some research. There may be something very similar but at a more wallet friendly price. If there is a product you desire, but want something a little more premium… there are options for you as well. Research is critical — You never know what you may find!!

Is there a premium baby product out there that you wish you could find a cheaper version of? Which one? Are there premium products out there that you would never buy a cheaper version of?

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