Cute but comfortable! Envie de Fraises Maternity Review.

If there is one thing you learn from being pregnant a few times, it’s that comfort always triumphs over style. Ultimately, what you want is something that is going to fit right, breathe well and support your growing belly – if it happens to look good at the same time? That’s just a bonus.

Second to comfort, the next thing you tend to prioritize is cost efficiency. Unless it’s your third (or more..) pregnancy, chances are you don’t really start needing maternity clothes until about week 12-18 depending on how you carry. Why do you want to spend a lot of money on clothes you’re going to wear for 20-28 weeks?

When I was asked to glance over the Envie de Fraises Maternity Clothing site (A maternity brand from France, just making it’s way here to the USA), I loved what I saw. I also appreciated that it wasn’t unreasonably expensive! While glancing around, another thing caught my eye – numerous pieces were multi-functional! Not only were they made for maternity wear, but also for post-pregnancy breast feeding. This meant they lasted longer, making it even more worth the already affordable cost.

They asked me if I would review a couple items for them.. I am slightly embarrassed to say this made me extremely excited.. and a little nervous. If there’s one thing I don’t do much of, it’s post photos of myself. Especially in swollen pregnant form. The excitement over their line of clothing won, and I anxiously awaited the items they had chosen for me.

First was an adorable top, the Fiona long-sleeved maternity and nursing top. It was perfect. It hugged in all the right places on my baby bump. I wore it to my pre-baby spa and high tea day out with my friends. It never got too hot or uncomfortable. I loved that I actually looked pregnant in it! It washes well and you can’t tell (unless you know..) that it’s also a nursing top!



In addition to the Fiona top, they also sent me their Homewear Kit. From the moment I put this set on, I didn’t want to take it off! It’s so comfortable and super cute! It comes with a comfortable, loose pair of pants, a short sleeve cross-front maternity and nursing top (very similar to the look of the Fiona top..) and a matching loungewear cardigan. I was completely in love with it. I knew instantly the perfect use for it. The hospital. It was so relaxed and comfortable that it would be a great post-delivery option. The pants were loose and breathable. They would hide the post-delivery swelling and not over heat me. Add in the fact that the top was a nursing top, it meant I could easily nurse the baby while still looking decent when guests arrived.



The fit and sizing, I found, to be incredibly true-to-size. I’m on the smaller side of the size they sent me and it wasn’t too loose, wasn’t too tight. I found them to have the perfect amount of give, but I never had to worry that they were too big and they definitely weren’t too small. The material used allowed them to just fit which is rare for maternity clothes.. At least most that I’ve worn!

Even postpartum I can honestly say I still love these clothes, just as I thought I would. I brought the Homewear Kit to the hospital, where it did not disappoint. It was the perfect, most comfortable outfit to put on and actually feel presentable while still comfortable. The cardigan has also come in handy as a great coverup while nursing, in addition to the nursing top that is amazing! It doesn’t get in the way or impede the nursing process at all. Plus- it’s cute and inconspicuous. (Warning.. Unflattering postpartum pictures. This is what real people look like after delivering babies.. Haha)



Every piece of clothing has gotten much use in the weeks before and now after, the birth of my baby. That alone makes them well worth purchasing!! None of my other maternity clothes are as accommodating after baby! I am not at all disappointed by Envie de Fraises, and I hope you will all love it as much as I do!

Note: I was provided these products from Envie de Fraises for review.

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