A Piston Cup worthy Disney “Cars” party

I was honored, once again, to have been selected to host a #disneyside @Home party. This time around, we were chosen to host a “Cars” themed party, much to my children’s delight. What more does a house full of boys love than cars?

I decided to take the party a little healthier this time. Typically when we think about kid parties, they are usually full of candy and cupcakes and kids leave on an epic sugar high. While I did have a sweet treat (chocolate dipped Marshmallows!) the rest of the food was aimed towards balance. Thanks to Stonyfield Farm, the most popular snack was YoKids Organic Yogurt Squeezers. We also had berry muffins instead of cupcakes. Organic Fruit Leather instead of fruit snacks. And a simple chicken salad with pita chips —  and by simple, I truly mean simple. Nothing more than rotisserie chicken, apples, grapes, and organic plain yogurt! While the kids enjoyed it, the adults really liked it.

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Besides the food, the kids had a blast playing games. In our #disneyside box, we were sent a “Pin the smile on Mickey” game. It was so much fun for the kids. It was definitely most fun for the slightly older kids, but all of the children enjoyed the game very much. Also – what is better entertainment for parents than blindfolded children wandering around the room attempting to stick a smile on random pieces of furniture (or sometimes other children..)?collage


Another popular game that we were sent was #disneyside Bingo. Even the young kids were really good at finding the matches that were called. They also enjoyed eating the popcorn that they used to mark their spaces once the game was done.



I got creative for one last game. What else does one do with a room full of young kids? Help them burn energy while playing an easy to understand game! So, going with the “Cars” theme, we played “Lightening Says.” This also proved quite entertaining.”Lightning says… jump up and down!”



Pit Stop! It wouldn’t be a social media party if it didn’t include a place to take themed selfies. Starting kids off young, wouldn’t you know? Haha. We had two wall posters where they could pose with the “Cars” stars and hold the #disneyside chalk board. They enjoyed it more than I thought they would. The Radiator Springs characters were the favorite, for sure. The other poster had all of the “Cars 2” characters in it and it was not quite as popular as Lightning and Mater. Even the baby had to show his #disneyside!

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Outside of organized games, the kids had fun playing with the Disney Cars we had out and the simple road way I created with Washi Tape on our kids’ table. Amazing how fun something so simple can be! (Naturally, they had to use it for Baymax to save the world, with a little help from The Hulk.) This was incredibly popular with the younger, preschool aged crowd. A place to play alongside one another.. and without all of the grown ups bothering them with instructions.

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We ended our fun with some amazing parting gifts. Of course, a lot of #disneyside fun was included thanks to Disney and the #disneyside sponsors. We are all excited to start planning our next Disney Parks Vacation. My kids even filled out their luggage tags. The bags were made even better thanks to my friends at Mattel for helping brings some car fun along and Stonyfield for providing even more yogurt!

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Note: This party was sponsored by Disney and the wonderful people at MomSelect, They kindly sent a party kit for this #disneyside @Home party. I was also provided product by Mattel and Stonyfield Farm. All opinions expressed are my own and I was not otherwise compensated for this post.

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