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Reading is something that is, and always has been, very important to me. A quiet escape from the chaos of life. Some of my fondest memories involve books. Spending Spring Break at my grandparents house, sitting on my grandma’s bed reading old books she kept in the top of her closet.. The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Freckle Juice.. so many wonderful books. So many pages turned through my fingers. I loved it. I craved it. I always hoped my children would have a love for books as well.

We always read to our kids. Especially my husband. Bedtime routine is not complete without a book (or 3..) to wind down the evening. As they are growing and learning, the story time routine is changing a bit. They want to be the ones reading now. As sad as I am to watch the tide change, I am rejoicing. Statistically, boys are less likely to have a love for reading. They lose interest in reading far more rapidly than girls do. My goal was, and always has been, to not let my boys become part of that statistic. There is a world of imagination and creativity found in books. This is incredibly important for boys and so far, my boys are embracing it.

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I’ve decided to give my boys love for books a space here in the blog. A new (and first for The Diaper Bag Confessions!) vlog segment called “The Diaper Bag Kids Read” where they will read some of their favorite books. Lets face it, its educational, fun.. and adorable.The first book in this new series is B.J. Novak’s children’s book.. “The Book With No Pictures” – all of my children love it. We hope you and your children enjoy it as well! (Please ignore the fact that its vertical video.. by the time I realized it, it was too late and lets face it, you cannot re-create moments with children..)

Feel free to leave us some new book suggests that your children love. We’re always looking for new books to add to our library!

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