Carriers on the Go

As I’ve mentioned before, we are avid baby and toddler wearers. Especially with the PhiePhieMonster’s muscle fatigue, we do a lot of wearing. Our carriers tend to come around with us most places we go. I was recently asked how I carry them around, while still juggling all of my kids. When I explained that I roll them into a neatly contained ball and then throw them in my diaper bag, or just set them in the seat of the car.. they were surprised. So, I have made a nice little tutorial with photos showing how I do it.

The carriers I use the most are my Líllébaby Soft Structured Carriers (SSC), so that is what I have used to demonstrate this process. It also works with all of my other SSC’s, the only difference being that the Líllébaby carriers have a lumbar support that I leave on the waist belt, with other carriers, you will not have this piece. I hope this helps!

Rolling Carrier


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