Littles wearing littles.. 

There is one question that constantly swirls when people learn of my love for LÍLLÉbaby carriers. “How does it fit on petite people?”

While I can speak for the petite height aspect (I am 5’4.. and it fits me really well!), I am definitely not in the exceptionally thin realm.. So I decided to test how small the carrier could go. What better way to test this than on a 49″, 56lb, 9-year-old boy?!

That’s right. I adjusted my LÍLLÉbaby All Seasons carrier and attempted to get a good fit on our 9 year old to see if he could wear our 11 month old, 24″, 12.5lb baby. It ended in adorable success! I will show you all just how small this carrier can go!

IMG_3069IMG_3070First: I tightened the waistband as far as it would go, but left a small amount of laxity just in case I needed to adjust a little once it was on him. (I then rolled the rest of the webbed belt up. I can’t stand when its all flopping around!)








Next: I tightened the double adjuster on the straps all the way (note the overlap of the strap padding) and then rolled the extra webbing up as well for a cleaned up look.









Once that was done, I took the carrier to him and strapped it around his waist. Notice the tight fit? I did have to let the belt out a tiny bit, but not much. Note the rolled webbing. (Also: please take noticed that I did not use the lumbar support for him.. the thicker section of the waist panel covered enough of his back that it added the support itself.)


Once I had the waist fitted nicely to him, I set the baby in the seat and attached the straps across his back one at a time. I did not need to loosen them any.









This is what the buckled straps look like. The rolled extra webbing isn’t overly obvious and he said he couldn’t even feel it.









The completed back straps and buckle.








Fully straight with baby in. High and knee to knee.



Lots of snuggles (and brotherly nose picking..) resulted from this. It is possible and if my overly dramatic 9 year old says its comfortable.. I’m going to guess it must be fairly comfortable!



So.. there you have it! Littles wearing littles!! Let me know if you have questions. Myself, or any of my LILLEwearing friends, can attempt to answer them and troubleshoot fitting issues!


(I have also made a helpful diagram. Feel free to save it or pin it!)

Sibling Baby Wear Diagram copy

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