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As most of you know (or should know from reading this blog..) I have a ridiculous love for baby gear. All gear. And clothes. And toys. Okay, I just have a crazy obsession for all things themed baby. More fun than just the gear, is finding gear that coordinates. If I pick a color or a theme and can find some fun gear to form a “look” for baby, its so exciting.

I was recently introduced to Polyvore. At first I took it up and started planning outfits. It was so much fun. I could lay out mommy and me styles and I would know how it all looked together. I can post it on Instagram or Pinterest and not have to worry about hunting down each piece again. Then I realized… I can use Polyvore to do style boards for baby gear, too. Oh man. Since then I have been on a crazy polyvore baby gear theme kick. And its SO much fun!!! (Please note: **This post does contain an affiliate link**)

FullSizeRender_3 (2)I’m currently in a huge Navy kick. It’s such a fun color. Bright and playful, but basically a neutral. It works for both boys and girls and can be accented with numerous bright colors. Love. This particular board is gorgeous and modern. Featured here is a Nook Sleep Systems “Pacific Blue” Lilypad play mat. A comfortable and eco-friendly option for floor time.(Don’t you want baby to lay and breath on a chemical free mat??)  An adorable Little Giraffe onesie boasting the phrase “Be Small & Love All” in navy print. The Ubbi diaper pail in navy is a fabulous solution for nurseries. Clean and colorful. The Timi and Leslie diaper bag is a great on the go bag, that doesn’t even look like a diaper bag. I’m pretty sure I saw someone who no longer had small children carrying this bag around.. and if I didn’t know the brand, I wouldn’t have known it was a diaper bag! Add in the colorful style of the Maxi Cosi Mico infant car seat, and you’re definitely boasting some beautiful navy style. Last but not least, the *ahhhhh* gorgeous Navy Embossed Lillebaby. It’s amazing and beautiful. It’s also comfortable and extremely light weight.

FullSizeRender_1 (2)And then there is grey/silver. This has definitely been a long time favorite of mine for babies. Something soft and gentle, but not white. It can also be accented with a variety of colors.. both bright and pastel. Very versatile and clean. This board is so comfortable looking. It starts with an adorable Newborn Essentials one piece from Baby Gap. One of my favorite pieces for tiny babies. Below that is an Aden + Anais gift set in shades of grey and white. These blankets and the lovie are so soft, completely washable, and so sweet. Warm enough for cool nights, cool enough for warm days. Beneath the Aden + Anais is a fabulous JJ Cole diaper bag. I’m loving the simple style of this bag. The soft grey fabric makes it very neutral, not just for baby.. but for mom or dad, too. Next, again — a Nook Sleep Systems Lilypad in “Misty.” I can see this in a living room, and it wouldn’t even look like a baby product! Under that is the softest, most luxurious Little Giraffe blanket. The Lillebaby Charcoal with Silver All Seasons carrier is a great neutral piece, as well. A personal favorite. With a zip down panel revealing silver mesh material for breathability, you are sure to be comfortable and stylish regardless of the weather. Above the Lille is a brand new, completely amazing car seat. The Stokke Pipa. It’s a version of the Nuna Pipa that has been designed for Stokke and in Stokke fabrics. (This particular grey shade is “Black Milange” — I have a Black Milange Stokke and a Nuna Pipa in night and both are amazing. Combined?? A show stopper for sure!)

FullSizeRender_2 (2)Oh.. and then there is the fun playful brights. Always fun. Boys or girls can have bright and playful color schemes. The entire inspiration behind this particular board came from the amazing Lillebaby Tokidoki “Iconic” carrier. It’s bright and extremely colorful, but unbelievably gender neutral. The true “modern parent” style for babywearing. Also in this board is a Zutano newborn gown. If you want to add fun color to your baby’s wardrobe, Zutano is definitely the brand to go to. Fun and playful.. extremely soft fabrics. We also have some amazingly bright Aden + Anais pink star swaddle blankets. These blankets also come in other bright colors that would look amazing with this look as well.. but I find the pink stars that right pop of color, especially if you are planning for a spunky little girl. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you should have noticed the Nook Sleep Systems “Niche” feeding pillow. This is, no doubt, one of my favorite products for new parents. The best nursing pillow I have used. That same soft, chemical free, completely washable pebble fabric over a comfortable memory foam-type insert. Comfortable, tall, supportive. Another favorite of ours around here, is the Skip*Hop toys. This particular one is a bright teal hedgehog. Who doesn’t think this is the cutest toy? My son loves the beads on the top. Above that is the playfully colored 4Moms Rockaroo. An innovative solution to the baby swings of the past. Plush and comfortable. And then, we top it off with a vibrant pink Maxi Cosi convertible car seat.

FullSizeRender_3Black is one you wouldn’t think was a baby color, but black can be very sleek and modern for babies. Another one that you can accent with a variety of colors and have success with. This style board starts out with some amazing Freshly Picked studded black moccasins. Sure to keep any boy or girl styling. Next to those is one of my favorite infant car seats. The Cybex Aton Q. Its sleek, stylish, safe, and one of the most compact infant seats on the market. Obviously, a “Little black dress” onesie is a must for any trendsetting baby girl. Don’t forget, diaper’s are extremely stylish now, too. This “Glam Black” gDiaper is a great example. To the left of the diaper is a beautiful Lily-Jade diaper bag. Another bag that is sure to fool people. It definitely doesn’t look like a traditional diaper bag. A Little Giraffe dark charcoal blanket is perhaps not black, per say, but still has that chic dark look to it. Here, we have a Black Lillebaby Airflow carrier. The panel is made of layered mesh for optimal breathability. Quite possibly one of the most breathable and coolest carriers on the market right now. You can be cool, and look cool. Finally, The brand new product not even released yet.. the 4moms Bounceroo. When I saw this, I knew it was a must have item for modern new parents.

FullSizeRender_2Ohh.. and yellow. From bright sunshiny, to buttery soft.. yellow is a great palette for boys and girls. (Seriously.. most colors can be used for either gender easily.. even clearly without looking “neutral” dependent on how you accent them) While all of these products are definitely different shades of yellow, all of them are brilliantly bright and look fabulous together. Starting out is another of Lillebaby’s embossed line of carriers. This one is Citrus and its a beautiful shade of greenish yellow. Above the Lille is a fun playmat that can be pieced together to make as big or small as you need, the Playspot by Skip*Hop. Another colorful Maxi Cosi in a buttery yellow brings definite sunshine to your day. A Nook Sleep System knit blanket makes a fabulous, soft floor blanket. My older kids still love laying on this when playing on the floor or reading. A bright, colorful romper would make summer days perfect. Another fun, colorful gDiaper. These diapers are cute enough that you often don’t even feel the need to put pants on baby! A yellow giraffe teether toy from Aden + Anais is sure to capture the hearts of many littles. My PhiePhieMonster would have loved to have this when he was teething. A lovely yellow Petunia Pickle Bottom bag is a great place to store all of your wears as you’re on the go. I can’t forget about the adorable pineapple Freshly Picked Moccasins. They are so sweet, for boy or girl. And last, the lovely yellow and bamboo feeding bowl system from Avanchy.

FullSizeRender (2)Teal is another mainstay. I love teal. Pair teal with navy? Gorgeous. Teal with grey? Beautiful. Teal and yellow? Oooh mama. Love it. So many possibilities with teal. As you can see here, teal is a hot color in the baby world right now, too. The mama’s and papas seat is the perfect place for baby’s first taste of food or for interaction during family game night. The lovely and bright blooming bath cushion is cozy, practical and super fun. My babies have had many baths in the sink, and I’m only wishing these were around sooner. Playtime is always fun with Skip*Hop. This plush alphabet elephant is adorable and entertaining. Making an appearance once again is the Lillebaby embossed collection, this time in teal. Seriously, these are my favorite baby carriers… and the embossed collection? None like it. Also again, the soft and wonderful Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets. These are absolutely gorgeous in the bright teals hues. Next, what better to integrate baby’s furniture with your furniture, than the Pottery Barn My First Anywhere Chair. You can even customize it with your baby’s name, nickname, or initials. Love it! Your look is never complete with baby without a stylish bag to carry it in (We are the Diaper Bag Confessions.. what would our life be without diaper bags to obsess over??) This lovely Timi and Leslie teal Kate bag is sure to hit the mark for day or night. We can’t forget the adorable striped leggings and hoodie from Gymboree. Leggings are my favorite thing to put little ones in. Lastly, another fabulous regular in these boards.. a Boho chic Maxi Cosi Mico infant car seat. You’re sure to be stopped by people wanting to stare at your gorgeous car seat when using this one!

FullSizeRenderWhat about those achromatic fans? Anyone digging the  black and white trend for baby? I think this look has a lot of potential. Especially if you integrated a random pop of color here or there. (Or not.. its kind of cool as it is. While similar to the all black look, throwing a lot of white into the mix really changes the feel of the look all together. It’s even sharing some of the same items, yet still feels different. Here we have a gorgeous Nook Sleep Systems Pebble Pure crib mattress. It’s like giving baby a cloud to sleep on, natural and chemical free! I promise, you’ll want to sleep on it too. (If your husband is missing on night, check the crib!) For the days of travel, or for an area of the house not equipped with a bed, the Nuna Sena in Night is an amazing place for baby to securely spend some time. For naps or playtime, its sleek, light weight, easy to set up and very appealing aesthetically. The Glam Black gDiaper makes its appearance once again, as hey, you can never have too much of a cute clothed baby bum. Looking for a floor blanket that your baby will love playing on? The black Little Giraffe adult throw blanket is the perfect accent to a living room, that you can throw down whenever you need it for baby, then lay over the back of the couch or chair and it will look lovely when not in use. Everyone mom of a teething baby needs ChewBeads. This lovely black teething jewelry necklace is wonderful. I loop mine on my carrier and let baby have something to play with that isn’t my hair… Endless possibilities. The beautiful Lily-Jade Elizabeth bag is definitely a hit with young, modern moms. Seriously, did you even know that was a diaper bag?? It looks like a designer purse. It will probably give you many years of use, even when your kids are out of diapers and sippy cups. Hey look! Another appearance from the sleek black studded Freshly Picked Moccasins. The Ubbi diaper pail also shows itself here, but this time in a bright white color. Sure to accent an achromatic nursery well. What do you think of these adorable black and white blocks by Studio BGD ? Regardless of your color scheme, I think these are adorable. Maxi Cosi in the house again, this time a sleek black Mico with a bright white shell. It’s stunning. Hello, to the lovely 4moms Bounceroo, again. Seriously.. I may need another baby so I can buy this. We can’t forget the adorable Newborn Essentials one piece outfits from babyGAP. The perfect outfit for any baby. Especially if you decided not to find out if you’re bringing home a boy or a girl! And last but certainly not least… The all black Lillebaby Complete Original. 100% cotton carrier. 6 carrying positions. Crazy amazing lumbar support.

FullSizeRender_4Obviously, I can’t ignore the bright pink loving mamas. Expecting a little girl? Love Pink? This one may be the perfect board for you. Gymboree starts us off with a sweet pink dress. These outfits make me wish I had a girl. Paired with the brightly colored gDiaper? Seriously. I may need to make this girl thing happen. (Anyone know how to do this? We only know how to make them one way.. and its ALL boy.) The Nook Sleep Systems knit blanket is, as I said before, a favorite in our house and this lovely bright pop of pink is dreamy. A reappearance by the Aden + Anais pink star swaddles clearly needed to find itself here, as well as a bright pink version of the Blooming Bath. A Ju Ju Be diaper bag, perfect for the mama who has to carry ALL THE THINGS with her all the time accents this amazing Coral embossed Lillebaby carrier. Seriously, they are perfect together. Another Pottery Barn Anywhere chair, this time covered in hearts and perfect for a little princess. Let we not forget, style while traveling in completely chic safety. This Clek Fllo car seat is sure to turn heads. We have Clek car seats and people are constantly asking about them when they see them.

FullSizeRender_1The last of my color obsessions (for the moment..) is orange. ORANGE. Baby’s and orange. Why don’t I see more babies and orange? Or orange nurseries?? It’s beautiful. It’s bright. I think its vibrant and inspiring. The Orange Stokke Steps high chair and bouncer is one of my favorite products we use for our baby. The Nook Niche in Poppy?? The exact Niche that I own and I love it. It’s so happy to look at. The Orange/Cream Lillebaby Complete is one of my favorite colors that they make.. and I don’t own it (… yet…) It’s a shade of orange perfect for summer and fall.. bright like the sun, but also reminiscent of crisp autumn leaves. The Poppy Nook Sleep Systems knit blanket is also the one that found its home here with my children. A fabulous playful spot. The Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair? Would look fabulous in a bright and colorful playroom. Naturally, Aden + Anais doesn’t disappoint with their bright and fashionable muslin swaddles with orange accents. So pretty. Think Baby has a wonderful line of stainless steel feeding products for baby. Bright orange and free of leaching chemicals? Always a plus for baby. The orange Comotomo silicon teether and the Skip*Hop Bandanna Lion are the perfect addition to every toy box for baby. (Seriously.. your kid will get so much entertainment from that Skip*Hop Lion!) Some cute, bright orange high tops and complete the look with another fabulously colorful Maxi Cosi Mico and your nursery will be so brilliantly colorful!

Clearly, from all of these polyvore boards you get a sense of style for my favorite brands and products… but how amazing is it that you can find cute, quality baby gear from these brands in so many brilliant, sometimes vibrant, colors?

Regardless of you preference for baby, soft and subtle or bright and exciting, the baby gear industry is full of endless options for parents now. We aren’t in the land of teddy bear prints anymore. Chic is a now a defining word for baby gear and I love it.

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