A story about a duck..

Once upon a time, there was a duck. A rubber duck. He was small, and adorable, and a little boy’s favorite bath time companion. This little duck set sail many, many times in the sea of bath. One day, the little boy’s mom picked up the little duck and, while preparing him for another adventure, she noticed something awful. The little duck was full of mildew. Yuck! So, the little duck found his final destination.. the garbage can.

No more little ducks found their way into the little boy’s bath.. or toy box. Until today. Thanks to the wonderful people at Rubba Ducks for providing us a new ducky friend who is not only incredibly cute, but is also made without any holes so — you guessed it — NO MILDEW! They are also weighted at the bottom so not only do they float, but they float upright. Always. (Note: This post is sponsored by the fabulous people at Rubba Ducks. All opinions expressed are my own)


The adorable quacker’s at Rubba Ducks come in a wide variety of styles. Suitable for any grown up or child. One of my favorites include Duckaroo – The perfect gift for my babywearing friends. Have a ballerina at home? What about surprising them with the perfect Duckerina.
DSC_0863DSC_0861These fun ducky friends have a fabulous announcement for all of the Disney World fans out there. They have recently joined their friend Donald, and can now be found at the Boathouse at Disney Springs in the Boathouse gift shop. The first non-Disney toy to be added to the gift shop. How awesome is that??


The only thing more awesome, is that the fabulous people at Rubba Ducks are so excited about their new Boathouse at Disney Springs adventure, that they want to give one of you the chance to win a Rubba Duck of your own!! Yay! And for more fun: Please visit Rubba Ducks on their social media outlets. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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