Meet the *NEW* Lillebaby Essentials – For all of life’s Essential Moments

Imagine if you will.. you arrive at a destination. You’re already in a hurry and your older child starts doing the dance. You know the dance. The crossed leg, booty shaking.. “I’ve got to peeeeeeee” dance. .. you don’t want to have to spend a lot of time trying to get the baby up in a carrier- but you know you can help the other child successfully use the bathroom and juggle the baby in your arms without someone touching something. Wouldn’t you love a carrier that you could successfully put on with a quick click here, click there, wiggle and BAM! Done. Right? Off to help your child use the bathroom and everyone exits unscathed. Well, hopefully, anyway. Life doesn’t stop. There’s always groceries to buy, bathrooms to use, parks to play at, school pick up. These are essential parenting moments.

Introducing the Essentials Carrier by Lillebaby! All of the class and style of Lillebaby that we love so much, with an added simplicity for all of life’s essential moments. With a special thanks to Lillebaby for providing me with the carrier to get to know ahead of release – I’m going to help you get the know the Essentials so you can see how it will make your essential moments a little easier.


Style: The Essentials definitely has style in mind. Currently available in a grey and white chevron pattern, it isn’t flashy. Isn’t loud. It is sure to compliment most outfits for both mom and baby. IMG_8897

Adjustable: One of the features on this carrier is the ability to adjust the straps 3 ways, and carry in 4 positions. You not only have the 2 way strap adjusters, but you now have a PFA (Perfect Fit Adjuster) at the base of the strap giving you the ability to get the straps even tighter/shorter. This lets the carrier work for even more body types and sizes as well as make breastfeeding while wearing easier to accomplish. You can also carry in 4 positions, unlike many other SSC’s (soft structure carriers). You can do the traditional front and back carry.. but with the Essentials you can also do a hip and an infant carry (With insert, sold separately). You also have the option of crossing the straps to get an even more custom fit.


Essential Size

Back to Basics: This carrier is extremely functional, without a ton of bells and whistles to complicate it. It’s easy to get on. Easy to adjust. Now that I have it adjusted the way I like it, when I get to my destination I just grab it, click the belt on, put baby in and click the chest clip and we’re ready! No messing around with it. With that said, while still remaining simple, it does boast the Lillebaby Pocket on the front. Large and perfect for carrying an assortment of items. I can fit my phone, a diaper or two, some snacks.. it’s perfect.

Essentials Basic

Hood: The hood is attached on the Essentials, and has a stowaway pocket. It is made from a very soft mesh, similar to that of basketball shorts. (I live in a house of boys.. that’s all I can think to compare it to.. forgive me.) It offers great coverage, while remaining light and airy. It secures to the straps with an elastic pull loop that connects to a hook-like clip. This hook-like clip can slide up and down the strap, again very adjustable.

Essentials Hood

Lumbar: While this carrier does not come with a lumbar support, Lille-Lovers do not distress. It is compatible with the lumbar support. If you already own a Lille (or many.. If you’re like me..) Just grab one from your other carrier and slide it on the essentials if you want to use it. You will also be able to buy a lumbar support separately to be used with the Essentials. I must confess, the bright Lille-Citrus colored lumbar support from my Citrus Embossed carrier looks really awesome with the Essentials.

Essentials Lum

Affordability: Now that you’ve seen all that the Essentials has to offer, let me tell you the best (and my husband’s favorite..) part. This carrier will hit the market at a very affordable $89.99!! A durable, practical carrier for all of your essential needs… for under $100 brand new. Obviously, this means I can buy more than one, correct?

Lillebaby Essentials2

Note: I am a Lillebaby Brand Ambassador and I was provided the Essentials Carrier to write this post. I was not otherwise compensated. All opinions expressed are my own.

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