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imageLittle baby shoes have always been a favorite of mine. Those tiny toes can get cold, dirty, you name it. A lot of shoes on the market for babies and toddlers aren’t really practical, though. Many have , some don’t stay on, some are too heavy for little legs. When moccasins came into style, I was thrilled. Light options to keep feet warm, stay on the foot, and look adorable while doing it — BUT they had to be quality. My kids are small and slow growing, they are also ALL boys, so we enjoy the ability to hand things down if possible. This means I look for shoes, particularly, that are well made, durable, and can be used for long periods of time. Enter in Freshly Picked.

imageI bought my first pair of Freshly Picked Moccs for our little one’s first birthday. He was gaining mobility but was still too small for most hard sole shoes. The quality leather and construction of the FP moccs allowed him to toddle around as he pleased, but still protect his little feet from the elements. They didn’t form holes or anything. Just cute indentations of toes and footprints in the sole. We were constantly being stopped and asked about his tiny little moccasins. The best part? They go with pretty much any outfit we put him in. Jeans? No problem. Casual clothes? Still work. Dressy clothes? Still no problem.

imageWe have since gone on to own more pairs of  FP moccs and I am not disappointed in the slightest. Many people are surprised I put them on my boys, but seriously, they might be the most gender neutral shoe out there. Most recently, we got the “Let it Go” moccs, they are an icy goldish/silverish/iridescent color and our little boy rocks them like no other! They also do a great job offering a wide variety of color options for all preferences.


I am SO in love with Freshly Picked and I can’t wait to buy some of the newborn crib moccs for our new baby boy on the way. (I might even get the newborn bringing home baby bundle! It’s too cute!!)


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