Baby proofing to compliment your decor with The Stair Barrier

I always swore I’d be a “house proof the baby, not baby proof the house” kind of parent. Honestly? This method worked for our first 3 kids. They were respectful of their boundaries and never pushed them. Then along came little boy number 4. Our daredevil, boundary pushing, toddler tornado. If he can climb it, he will. If he can open it, he will. If he can reach it, he’ll try to eat it. He is the reason why I immediately had to run to the store and buy cabinet locks. Why I had to move everything climbable away from our built-ins… And ultimately the reason we had to start looking at gates for our stairs.

There were two issues when it came to looking at stair gates. First, we have banisters. There aren’t a lot of options on the market that will work with a banister staircase. Second, there are so many ugly gates on the market! When gating your stairs, it’s typically in a place that is highly visible to all who come into your home.

I was asked if we would be interested in reviewing The Stair Barrier and, after looking at them, jumped on the opportunity. When it arrived we were definitely impressed by the quality and the style of it.

It was a little involved to mount. We have a wall-to-banister situation, so we had to drill into our wall to anchor the mounts in. Not a huge deal, because once it was done it was insanely secure.


It is a fabric gate, but it has metal supports inside the fabric to prevent any pushing and bending of the gate when it’s secured and securing it is actually very simple. You wrap the webbing around your banister side and then simply clip it in place.


There are a couple design enhancements that would be great.. Like a way to secure it once it’s rolled up and not in use (though, it rolls nicely and doesn’t fall) but that is a little detail that doesn’t effect my opinion of the product. It’s a gate worth having if you have banister staircases!


I am confident it will keep our little daredevil at bay!

Have you ever heard of The Stair Barrier? Do me a favor and go look at their site ( and come back and tell me which is your favorite design!

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