Rolling in the pink..

If you following me on social media, you’ve likely heard the news already. Our family is expanding once more this coming September!

A little different, however, is that this BOY MOM is about to have a GIRL. *insert nervous, freak-out emoji here* As a boy mom, I was very much the type who would say things like “Boys can do and wear whatever they want.” and “Colors don’t have genders.”

While I have nothing against pink and purple, and do wear them.. I’m really not an overly frufru girl. Neither my house, nor my closet, is full of throw pillows, scented candles, and ruffles.

When we found out  we were expecting, I was firm in my thought.. if by some crazy obscure chance this baby is a girl, she will be more “Princess Leia” than “Sleeping Beauty” — and I honestly still feel that way in an empowerment sort of way.. (trust me, baby girl will hold her own!!) but the moment the ultrasound tech confirmed “OMG IT IS A GIRL” all of my gender neutrality flew out the window like a tornado had engulfed it. “Pink! All the pink! We need pink. And purple. And flowers. And metallics. Gold and silver and rose gold and sparkles!!!”

This photo courtesy of the amazing Yah Yah Photography in Portland, Oregon!

My husband just laughed.. then handed me the car keys and sent me on my way. I entered the store, about to make my first purchase for my baby girl.. and I shocked even myself. Bows. Headbands. Pink. (Bright pink, soft pink, neon pink.. I did not descriminate.) Purple. Florals. *blink*

Who is this person? What?!? It’s like this dormant girly girl had unleashed itself. I never felt like I needed a girl, but apparently my inner self was just waiting for the chance to explode in a puff of glitter — and here I am.



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